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Scary nights are scary!

Yesterday evening around 22:00 everything suddenly went down. After a quick inspection of VMware running on MrWhite we saw something horrific.

Lost connectivity to SSD storage device

Say what now?

The SSD in question is the disk where MrWhite runs off (which include all our web services, databases, etc.)

The machine fully lost internal connectivity to its SSD storage disk. After a few minutes of research and pondering on what to do we decided there was no other option than rebooting the entire machine. This was another scary exercise because VMware itself also has to load from the SSD drive in question....

Luckily, against all expectations, the machine rebooted correctly AND saw its SSD connected again!

As we no longer really trust the disk we decided to make a few full backups of the hosts using that disk (hence last night’s downtime) just in case it's going to fail us completely.

For now everything seems to be back up and running stable again. If you find everything is down again then you now know what is most likely the cause.

MINECRAFT EVENT: Race to the Moon


Since we have not had UHC in ages, we have decided to do more than just common UHC. This time we are going to plant a flag on the moon! And no, we are not going to do it like in the 60s with a fake camera and fake moon. This time we are going to the REAL moon!

We are going modded.










Don't worry, we made the pack very light - it includes only GalactiCraft (for the Moon dimension), utility mods (Not Enough Items, AppleCore) and fancy mod (Tails), it runs on 1GB RAM just fine. Anybody can join!

Are you not familiar with modded Minecraft? That's fine, we will be assigning team captains from people that have played modded Minecraft long enough and assign the rest of the people to join them - we will be playing on 2 or 3 or maybe even 4 teams, depending on how many people will join. The more the better!

When? April 11th - Saturday. 
What time? For Europeans - evening (19:00, 20:00, 21:00), for Americans - afternoon (12:00, 13:00), for Australians morning (6:00, 7:00)

Forum topic:

How do I join? When the launch will be getting closer we will ask you to send us your Minecraft username to give you access to the modpack on 

Minecraft Christmas

This year for the holidays we have added a special christmas adventure to our Minecraft server!

From now till new years, you can build a portal to the christmas dimension where you can collect presents and complete a quest to kill the Grinch.

Heres how to make the portal.










To get yourself a Grinch spawn egg, you need to collect Christmas essence from the inside of Christmas trees. You can store this essence by talking to a banker (Skeletons in christmas outfits). Once you have 12 essence you can buy the egg from a merchant (Zombie in a christmas outfit).

Registered players can also get a free balloon by typing /balloon gui and picking one. You can turn them back off by typing /balloon off.

In other news;

mcMMO has been added to the server. It is ready to go however we will be tweaking the exp rate as it is currently a little unbalanced.

SpA Minecraft UHC - July

Its that time again everyone. Our UHC (Ultra HardCore) tournament is back, and this time its better than ever!

What is UHC?
UHC is a gamemode made popular by the mindcrack community. It consists of players being randomly spawned around a large map leaving them to survive and battle it out to determine the winner. Everything is against you here, as your health does not regen naturally. The only way you can achieve this is by eating golden apples or drinking regeneration potions.

You can read more about it HERE (Includes Rules, Past game information, etc.)

How to participate

Make sure you are in mumble by the starting time. You don't need to be able to talk, it just helps for us to know who is playing and communicate instructions easier.

When is it?

The UHC Event begins in roughtly 6 and a half hours. Check out the link for an actual countdown.

Happy birthday to us, SpecialAttack 8 years old!

This day back in 2006 we've started a new gaming community called SpecialAttack, named after stoned times with our old member TiTi playing de_dust2.

A "special attack" is when you spawn as CT at de_dust2 in CS and scream down your mic "SPECIALATTACK" and everyone runs up the center ramp like a bunch of retards straight into the terrorist team (mind you, often with great success :-)  ).

Now 8 years later we don't host CS anymore, however, we'll still going strong!

With a special thanks to our community, SpA members and especially the techteams we thank you for another glorious year!

Our suggestion for today: Buy yourself a beer, donate it to SpA. This way effectively we've bought you a beer  :D

Congratulations all, off we go for another great year of fun and gaming!

SpA Minecraft UHC Victors!

Congrats to the winners of our season 8 UHC, Arbogeddon and [SpA]heldplayer!! Both of them get to pick up a steam game from our prize pool.

Honourable mentions to Frankwj1 and GreatBuilder3 for being the second last team to stand! Good game guys! Arbo was officially the last to stand, heldplayer died whilst fighting the last 2 remaining enemies.

If you enjoyed this season or want to play in a UHC come let us know on the forums, if there is enough interest we can host another tournament in the near future.

SpecialAttack Battlefield 4 platoon

A bunch of us at SpecialAttack enjoy playing Battlefield 4. Today Dice introduced the platoons feature known from previous Battlefield games into Battlefield 4.

We play Battlefield 4 the way it's intended to be played, like most of our other games.  We do proper squad play with decent squad leaders giving out orders, following objectives, playing as a team, etc. This sounds a tad boring, but we can ensure you it's not. We have tons of fun playing this game while being together on the comm's in our Mumble server. We aren't point whoring, or doing stuff such as camping just to gain points. We are more running around like headless chickens somehow still being organized and scoring a ton of points. All that with the surprising result that we mostly end up being the top of our team.

Does this sound appealing to you? Then don't hesitate to join our newly formed platoon and gang up with us for our not so regular gaming sessions.

See you at the battlefield!

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a winner!

Last weekend the TF2 ultiduo cup was played and we’re happy to announce we’ve got a winning team!

Congratulations to Checkulatius and mttriplem for finishing in first place! Both winners will receive one of the available games.

With the TF2 tournament finished we are now looking ahead towards the next tournament hosted by SpecialAttack. Stay tuned for a new season of Minecraft UHC!

Ultiduo #2

A quick update on the Ultiduo cup. We've pushed ahead the date by a few weeks so it would be easier for people to schedule the event in their agenda's. Also it gives us a little extra time to prep all the servers, SourceTV etc.

The new date is now set at Saturday 15th + Sunday 16th of February. Starting at around 7pm SpA time (6pm UK).

More info here.

Ultiduo #2!


Soldier + Med vs. Soldier + Med in a tight custom KotH map with fast respawns. The first cup was great fun and it's high time we did it again!


Thursday 30th January, possibly moving into Friday/Saturday if we need the extra time. Starting at around 7pm SpA time (6pm UK).

We'll use the Events server and maybe an extra server like we did for the last cup.


5 teams or less = Round Robin (everyone plays everyone once); more than 5 teams = single or double elimination tournament, depending on how many people sign up.

For now there's no strict schedule - just turn up as close to 7pm as you can and we'll start playing games. Server priority should be given to the teams that have played the fewest games, otherwise it'll be first come first served or just in whatever order makes the most sense at the time. Everyone will have periods where they'll need to wait around, but the matches are only about 5-10 minutes long so it shouldn't be too bad.

Best of 3 rounds for each game.


Medic - Blutsauger, Crossbow, Ubersaw
Soldier - Escape Plan, Equalizer, Disciplinary Action
Both - reskins of vanilla weapons (e.g Frying Pan, The Original etc)

Just keeping it pretty standard and classic. Using fancy unlocks isn't the point of ultiduo anywa.


Yep! We've got some copies of Red Orchestra 2 RS and Epigenesis to give away. How many we'll be giving out will depend on how many teams sign up, so I'll announce that at the start of the tournament.

Click here for more info and sign-up's.

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