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IPv6 is back! (and some other stuff)

A year or 2 ago we enabled IPv6 on all our servers. Unfortunately due to weirdness with the Source engine we had to disable it again because we could no longer connect to our databases from our game servers.

A lot has changed in our setup in those 2 years. We’ve migrated all game servers to their own virtual hosts for different reasons. This change however allows us to enable IPv6 again on some hosts.

Currently IPv6 is enabled on MrWhite, so all our webservices, mumble, IRC, etc. is now once more reachable through IPv6!

Other hosts that have IPv6 enabled are MrGreen (mail), MrBlack (experimental UT4) and the Soil host (

A few more minor other changes;

  • Mumble server has been updated to a more recent version
  • sa-info (IRC bot) has been updated and mostly fixed
  • ZNC (IRC bouncers) have been updated and now have SSL encryption enabled on port 6668 for users who wish to connect through SSL.