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Knights and Merchants

At SpecialAttack we like our old games. Occasionally you'll find we host remakes of these games.

One of these beauties is the game "Knights and Merchants".

The original game was released back in October 1998. It is classified as a "medieval-time based real-time strategy" game.

A few years back a couple of enthusiasts started to remake the game. The entire game-engine got recreated (as no source code was available) and a lot of tweaks got applied. One of the major changes was the proper online multiplayer support allowing for games with up to 8 people at a time. In order to be able to play online multiplayer games central hub servers are required, from which SpecialAttack provides one.

As we also like to support developers with their project we opted to provide the gamedev's with full access to the virtual machine running the KaM server. One of the official development & testing servers is hosted from that machine. As the development and test server is provided to the KaM remake crew it is not listed here.

You can find our server by simply looking in the server list for "".

More information on the game and its remake can be found at the KaM remake website.