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Minecraft Christmas

This year for the holidays we have added a special christmas adventure to our Minecraft server!

From now till new years, you can build a portal to the christmas dimension where you can collect presents and complete a quest to kill the Grinch.

Heres how to make the portal.










To get yourself a Grinch spawn egg, you need to collect Christmas essence from the inside of Christmas trees. You can store this essence by talking to a banker (Skeletons in christmas outfits). Once you have 12 essence you can buy the egg from a merchant (Zombie in a christmas outfit).

Registered players can also get a free balloon by typing /balloon gui and picking one. You can turn them back off by typing /balloon off.

In other news;

mcMMO has been added to the server. It is ready to go however we will be tweaking the exp rate as it is currently a little unbalanced.