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A whole new Minecraft Server!

Ladies and gentlemen, May I have your attention please. It is my great honour to annouce that the latest Specialattack Minecraft Server is now live to the public. You are able to join through the IP listed below.

Server IP address:


With this version of the server, a few things have changes
 An updated list of the server ranks can be found HERE
But allow me to provide a brief overview for you.

Guest: The default rank for players joining the server
Member:They have an interest in the server and are becoming regular players
Veteran: Players who have been around for a long time.
Mod: This is one of the staff ranks, these guys will be able to help enforce the server rules
Admin:These players are your server's administrators, seek these people out for any help
Head Admin: Leader of the admin team and able to fix most broken things
Owner: Honestly, these people don't do a lot besides break the server.

With the new server we have also revamped our donation ranks.
Firstly we have a new donation portal, which will automatically keep track of the donation ranks which can be found HERE.
Secondly we've updated the donator rank. Now there are two teirs based on your donation amount. Each offering some fun perks and our gratitude.

Our new donation ranks are:
Hero: The first donator rank, includes name change, hats and a few other things!
Legend: The ultimate donator rank, pretty tag, name change, hats, disguise as any mob and more!

The donator ranks are a one time purchase from our buycraft site
You are also able to access our buycraft store from in-game by typing /buy

As always we've got some fancy plugins that extend the minecraft gameplay. Some of these are classics that you've enjoyed on previous maps, and some of them are new. Here are a few of the main ones.

- McMMO: Nearly everything you do in the game is a skill that you can level up.
- Mob hunter: Don't like a player? Set a bounty on their head! Also get cash for killing mobs!
- QuickShop: Sell your old junk and buy someone elses in the player shops.
- Citizens: We're working on developing a questline using this plugin.

Obviously we can't list them all here, so why not come in game and check out the rest?


Thanks to [SpA]Jonesy for writing this post!