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TF2 Server Rules

SpecialAttack takes pride in being a community where fun and cooperation are celebrated. We don't accept any behavior that might negatively affect other people's possibilities to have a good game on our servers. Our servers are closely monitored by our members to ensure a fair and fun game is possible at all times. Every player that wears our [SpA] clantag is admin on our servers and can help you if you encounter any problems. If you're in urgent need of an admin but none of them is playing at the time, don't hesitate to contact us through Steam Friends or IRC.

Use of third party software
This is an obvious one. ANY use of third party software that influences the game play is not allowed. This includes, in particular, aimbot, wallhack, speedhack, etc. Anyone found using third party software will receive a permaban.

Profanity/Racial comments
Profanity/Racial slur is not allowed, neither on the voice chat nor in the normal chat or the nicknames. Any racial gesture (including the naming of weapons) will not be tolerated and could lead to a permanent ban.

Voice communications
Everyone, no matter where they are from, is welcome on our servers. However, people are not interested in hearing others yap away in a language they don't understand. Therefore, only English is allowed in the voice chat. If anyone feels that they HAVE to speak, say Romanian, to each other, you're welcome to join a private channel on our Mumble server. Foreign languages are however allowed in the normal chat. Spamming the voice comms with useless information, usually in the form of jibberish or by playing audio clips, is not allowed.

Unintended Gameplay / Griefing 
The basic rule is, if it wasn't intended by the game developers to do what you are currently doing, it's not allowed on our servers. Also, if it disrupts the gameplay for other people or limits the possibility for them to have fun (=griefing), it's also not allowed.
Team Fortress is a team game. That means if you don't try to contribute to your team in any useful way, you will get kicked.

Things you are not allowed to do include, but are not limited to:

All classes
  • shooting through walls, ceilings or the yellow gates when they are closed
  • any kind of bug exploitation (e.g. faulty level geometry, civilian animation, crab-walking, ...)
  • achievement whoring
  • using your buildings to get access to areas outside the gameplay area (e.g. skywalking, sentries underground, ...) 
  • placing buildings anywhere the enemy team can't get to (e.g. inside your spawn)

Just remember that people try to have fun on our servers, so don't ruin it for them!
Last updated: July 19th 2010