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How-To: SpA Points (TF2 only)

The SpecialAttack points system is our way to say thank you to our donators and regular players.

With this system you can start collecting SpA-points on our TF2 servers and use them to buy goodies.

To participate in the SpA-Points system:

  • register in our forums and click on the link in the activation email
  • log in at least once in our forums
  • Go to our activation page and login using your forum credentials, at step 2 login using your steam credentials 
  • play on our servers, earn points and have fun.

After you have validated your forum account, your gameplay stats will be visible alongside each post you make in our forums. If you'd rather not show your stats to everybody, you can disable this in your profile settings.  

To earn points:

This system is mainly targeted at people who give something back to our community. So if you donate to SpecialAttack, you will receive 30 SpA-Points for every Euro. All donations will be used to keep our gameservers going (bandwidth costs, new hardware, ...). If you can't or don't want to give your money to SpecialAttack we of course understand that and offer our regular players a few other ways to earn points:

  • play on our servers (you will get 1 point every 15 minutes)
  • help us fill our empty servers, by joining them while there are less than 12 players online (you will get 1 point every 3 minutes)
  • be the top player in your team at the end of the round (you will receive 1 point)
  • participate in special events we're hosting (e.g. SpA-Cup, Party-Weekend, ...)

With these points you can:

All these commands are available ingame, through the chat command !spapoints. This will show you your current points balance and a menu to choose the features from. Alternatively you can buy all those things directly from your browser, through the SpA Shop SpA shop link found on the top of the forums or in the navigation menu of our website. Here is our current price list:

Set next map


Reserved slot


Spray-paint permit

Map name








All maps















   3195 327
   4250 434







Comments, Ideas and Suggestions

We welcome any feedback we can get on our system. If you have an idea for any other feature you would like to see added, please don't hesitate to post them into this thread on our forums.