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Server Updates

Downtime announcement: Datacenter move

Our datacenter host Leaseweb has decided to discontinue it's hosting location 'Easynet/Amsterdam'. Therefor we are forced to move our servers over to a new datacenter, Evoswitch/Haarlem.

Our hosting will remain with Leaseweb so there won't be any changes in IP addresses, network quality, etc.
We'll be taking down the servers either tonight (Thursday) or tomorrow night (Friday) to perform some maintenance on the systems before moving them over to Evoswitch.
Our appointment at the new datacenter is on Saturday 17:00, we expect to be back online shortly after.
Update: Server move has been completed successfully


Bukkit is back with a whole new 1.8 face

After the long wait, a version of Bukkit has finally been updated for 1.8!!

Last night we installed this update along with a few simple plugins to help with the basic server operation.

  • pTweaks - To help reduce lag
  • Permissions - To get ranks back (No permissions actually given yet)
  • IRC - To continue our IRC-Minecraft communication
  • MyHome - To help out with players setting homes. Homes can be set by using a bed.
Planning is currently underway to work out which direction we want to take the server now that we have plugin support back. If you have any suggestions or ideas please feel free to let us know in the forums.
Till then,
Happy Minecrafting!

The Minecraft 1.8 Update!

The long awaited 1.8 update for our minecraft servers is finally here. We'd like to thank our staff for their work on preparing the map along with the community for being involved in the discussions leading up to the release.

You can join the server at:

To read more about the new server check out the forum post.

A few more Gmod updates

Here's a few more Gmod updates from our Gmod team.

  • Removed rarely played/bad maps and other unused content
  • Added 3 new maps
    • ttt_bb_teenroom_b2
    • ttt_trouble_in_terrorist_tower_v1
    • ttt_elevatorandstairs

Gmod server changes

Our Gmod team has applied some fixes and changes over the last month or so to our Gmod server.

Here are the update notes:

  • Added a few new maps
  • Added a new gamemode melonbomber
  • Added new sound plugin to the server. 
    • After testing, removed access to everything but the endround sound, this one is available for everyone (Please use responsible!)
  • Updated the sound plugin with help from dekar
    • !playvolume now sets the volume of the sound playing
    • !playurl now accepts optional second argument, the volume of the sound to play
    • Using !playurl without the volume defaults to 50%
  • Most likely a bunch of other stuff


Feed The Beast - Modded Minecraft

It’s back and better than ever!! We are currently running a new feed The Beast server fresh with a new map and new mods. We are planning to have community events to help bring people together such as PVP arena battles, Enderdragon fights and other Boss Fights. These will be announced on the forums, so stay tunned.

We are running the DireWolf20 Pack, Version 1.0.18. It can be found on the FTB Launcher. You can download the launcher at

The server IP is:
If this does not work for you, or you have trouble connecting try using

Forum Updates

Recently we updated our forum software from version 3.0.11 to 3.0.12.This includes many bug fixes and improvements to the software.

From the looks of things our custom addons still seems to work  however if there are any issues please let us know.

CS:GO DS Server

SpecialAttack is now hosting it's own CS:GO Beta Dedicated Server. For more information go to the Official CS:GO Forum

Killing Floor

The TwistedChristmas 2 event runs from December 7-January 4th. There will be a free weekend this weekend on Steam from December 8th-11th. So in preparation we have 2 more Killing Floor servers running. ::  Santa ::: Little Helper

Both are set on medium length and normal

Have fun Cool

Server Updates

Since the f2p for TF2 we are now offering 4 servers for you to play on. We have 3 Vanilla servers and we have a no critz server.

So if you are up for a bit of a challenge then join us on the no critz server. Otherwise there is always plenty of fun to be had on our 3 other Vanilla servers.

Our server IP and names are: :: Mister Jane Doe :: No Critz :: Dell Conagher :: Vanilla :: Tavish DeGroot :: Vanilla :: Ice Ice Baby :: Vanilla

We also have 2 Killing Floor servers that we have recently resurrected: :: The screaming bitch :: The invisi bitch

All of our registered users have been sent a PM telling them about Free TF2 and are informed of many new updates that we do. Why don't you come and join in the fun? Register with us and gain access to post your comments in our forums and be kept up-to-date with new information.

See you in game Nose Smile

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