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Minecraft Updates

We have recently updated our minecraft server. Here's the list of changes (Some were done a while ago but never announced):

  • Players can now ride their bat pets
  • Spawners can be collected using an item enchanted with silk touch 
  • Switched permissions system to a custom one written by heldplayer
  • Warp Scrolls are now cheaper, only costing the player $250

Additionally we have finally setup a player market. It can be found on the path between Cheawich (Spawn) and Cawold. Shops can be rented by clicking on the [Rent] sign above the tent. It will cost you $500 every 7 days and it will automatically renew.

Minecraft Plugin Contest Voting!

Guys, its now time to cast your vote for the plugin contest. Checkout this post here for details.

MC Plugin Contest

Contest Information:

So basically this contest is for you to post the craziest, grossest, and most hilarious plugins you can find! One winner will be chosen at a random time THIS WEEKEND. So hurry and post your plugins here! The winner will receive 5k in-game money, along with their plugin being added to the server!


  • No minigames.
  • No plugins that we wouldn't allow ingame. This includes racism, sexism, or anything derogatory. 
  • It must be up-to-date.
  • There must be a short explanation to as why your plugin should be added, and how you think it would contribute to the server. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be serious.
You can find more information right here.


Minecraft Survival launch celebration (Bonus Cash and Exp)

Celebrating our launch this week players will earn double exp for MCMMO and bonus cash for killing mobs.


Hurry though as this only lasts till sunday!!

Newly Released Map (MC/SMP)

With great pride we present you the latest and greatest of our Minecraft community. Special thanks to our staff for all the hard work!



  • Dynamic Economy
  • Quests
  • Survival Multiplayer
  • Great Staff
  • MCMMO (Skills to train with cool features)
  • Homes
  • Custom Brewing (Alcohol, Coffee)
Visit this link for more information.

Freebuild Funday!!

Upcoming friday the 30th we shall be hosting a freebuild funday!
There will be 16 hours of fun for the whole family with fun and games!

Starting at 1pm GMT this event has tried to be planned in a way where all people can get on and participate in an event at one point or another.
(See the timezone conversions Below)

Funday Timetable (Times are in hours from the time that the funday starts :p)

Spleef Hour! @ 0.5, 3.5, 6.5, 9.5, 12.5, 15.5
Building Contests (2.5 Hours long) @ 1, 5, 9, 13
Maze Contest @ TIMES TBA
Treasure Hunt @ TIMES TBA

Along with all these fun events there will be a whole day long build competition with NO THEME!!

Read more about the event here.

Join us in game today! Freebuild address changes

Again =)

You can find the Freebuild server at; Freebuild Address Change!

In order to move our server from the depths of the official server list back to a position closer to the top we have changed the port it is running on. This means you will need to update your favorites in WoM - everything else remains the same.

The new URL is:

Please update your bookmarks! Survival Goes Live!

Yes, that's right! Survival multiplayer has just been released and we set up a server for it. You can reach it under the following address:
(port 25565; no need to enter) Freebuild address changed! Update your bookmarks!

Mind you, the server is very, VERY buggy and epically limited in functionality (the config file has three lines, no admins, no anything). Forget about all your epic city building plans - the map will be reset when the mode is slightly more playable, especially considering items currently aren't stored between logins. Treat it as a playround experiment - the true experience will start once creeps are added, then the world will remain permanent.

Remember that you have to BUY the game at to be able to play Survival. As a side effect of the Survival Server going up, Obsidian was retired, may its soul rest in peace (the server software is half-baked and semi-abandoned).

Also, here's a video of stuff that isn't working correctly on the server and you won't be able to do! Fun isn't it? (Not being able to make it work, that is.)

Official Support for Minecraft!

Minecraft Logo

Due to the ever increasing popularity of our Minecraft servers (which have been up for over a month now) and some dedicated builders joining our SpA Forums Minecraft was added to the list of offcially supported games.

Before the untimely death of the fList server stats tracker (out of our control) Freebuild managed to climb to 2nd place in the world; no pics but it DID happen.

Spikespiegel continues to extend his creative control over the Freebuild server, implementing and watching over many themed worlds now, pictures of which are below. Also, we are continuously striving to make our servers (remember, there are F O U R of them) harder, better, faster, stronger and are preparing for a software switch on our main server - mostly due to stablity issues - in the coming weeks.


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