SpA nostalgia collection request

Hello everyone!

For a long-term future project we are looking for any and all data that people might possibly still have in regards to our SpecialAttack community. We are literally looking for anything that people might still have, screenshots, videos, photos. server files, configurations, maps, events, personal stories and all other things you may be able to think of. Please have a look at your old accounts, backups, and every dusty corner of your brain. This project is in no rush whatsoever, so please keep this announcement in mind if you run into anything along your ways. Anything you have can be submitted to the nostalgia-data channel on our Discord server. If you have stuff to share that doesn’t fit in there such as server files, videos and other data please contact us and we’ll arrange for a place to upload them. Around April/May we’ll publish details for a place you can upload it without having to get in touch with anyone. During this year we’ll send out another few calls for data, along as requests for assistance on reconstructing different phases of the community based on the data we were able to salvage.

Thanks in advance!

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