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Your new Discord server!

We've been testing out our Discord server over the last few days and we're ready to open it up to the public!

Discord is an easy to setup app for text and voice chat. It also works through a browser link albeit with slightly reduced functionality (for example push to talk won't work in a browser). It shows you who's online and who's playing what, be it Minecraft, Overwatch or games on Steam. You can add other chats, games and communities to it without logging out of another.

Please use this link to join our server.

For more detailed information and feedback please visit the Discord forum topic here.

Machine vs. Man - The mistakes of quickplay and the value of community servers

Our community manager and member Scatterbrain has made an excellent analysis of the problems surrounding systems such as quickplay and how this effects community building.

You can find the video on YouTube.

if you feel like discussing this topic, hop onto our forums and join right in!


IPv6 is back! (and some other stuff)

A year or 2 ago we enabled IPv6 on all our servers. Unfortunately due to weirdness with the Source engine we had to disable it again because we could no longer connect to our databases from our game servers.

A lot has changed in our setup in those 2 years. We’ve migrated all game servers to their own virtual hosts for different reasons. This change however allows us to enable IPv6 again on some hosts.

Currently IPv6 is enabled on MrWhite, so all our webservices, mumble, IRC, etc. is now once more reachable through IPv6!

Other hosts that have IPv6 enabled are MrGreen (mail), MrBlack (experimental UT4) and the Soil host (

A few more minor other changes;

  • Mumble server has been updated to a more recent version
  • sa-info (IRC bot) has been updated and mostly fixed
  • ZNC (IRC bouncers) have been updated and now have SSL encryption enabled on port 6668 for users who wish to connect through SSL.

Scary nights are scary!

Yesterday evening around 22:00 everything suddenly went down. After a quick inspection of VMware running on MrWhite we saw something horrific.

Lost connectivity to SSD storage device

Say what now?

The SSD in question is the disk where MrWhite runs off (which include all our web services, databases, etc.)

The machine fully lost internal connectivity to its SSD storage disk. After a few minutes of research and pondering on what to do we decided there was no other option than rebooting the entire machine. This was another scary exercise because VMware itself also has to load from the SSD drive in question....

Luckily, against all expectations, the machine rebooted correctly AND saw its SSD connected again!

As we no longer really trust the disk we decided to make a few full backups of the hosts using that disk (hence last night’s downtime) just in case it's going to fail us completely.

For now everything seems to be back up and running stable again. If you find everything is down again then you now know what is most likely the cause.

Unreal Tournament 4 Capture the flag

As promised, more UT4 news!

We have launched another server, this time it’s a Unreal Tournament 4 capture the flag server.

The server is configured as a “24/7 Facing worlds – CTF” server and can be found in the public dedicated server list (search for SpecialAttack), or by connecting directly to its IP address


Enjoy the fragging!

Server updates

Ou techteam has been busy again and applied a round of - much needed - updates to our servers.

As always, if you find something is no longer working, please throw us a message at our forums.

It is time for pain and pure adrenaline

*scraping throat*


We have been busy! Summer has passed, another AWESOME SpA meetup has taken place and by now we're all slowly recovering. 

It's time for winter. It's time for PAIN and adrenaline!

As most of you know, the new Unreal Tournament 4 is coming up. Currently in it's pre-alpha stage but perfectly playable!

We have launched our first server, reachable at We currently don't have much information available, but we'll post some more news when we do.

The current server is a oldskool deathmatch server. We'll be introducing capture the flag soon.

As the game is currently in development we do not know yet what other servers we will launch. Whenever a new gamemode becomes available we'll throw online extra servers and inform you on it right here.

See you ingame and enjoy this awesome oldskool adrenaline rush :-)

P.s. The game is entirely free! Go and download it at

Gmod server updates

Our Gmod admins have updated the Gmod server. Here is the changelog;

  • Updated gmod to latest version
  • Updated pointshop to latest version
  • Added prophunters gamemode as a replacement to regular prop_hunt
  • -- no more getting stuck selecting object, able to rotate object and able to select which taunt to play
  • -- also added the old prophunt sounds from prop_hunt to this mod 
  • Some other minor updates and cleanups


SpecialAttack 9 years old!

Today 9 years ago we registered We keep this as our official birthday. Somewhere in the days/night leading up to the 28th of April we decided on the name and registered it. It is well possible this was on the 27th but in all honesty we were all to wasted to remember. The domain's whois records say we've registered on the 28th, so now that's our birthday!

Next year we're planning on a bigger celebration. This year you'll have to buy your own cake and beer!

Congratulations to us and thanks to everyone making us possible the last 9 years!


Killing Floor 2 - Early access servers

In a few hours time KF2 will launch. By request of Tripwire we have launched as many servers as possible. This means we currently have 4 servers up and ready for the party. Depending on the load which they will generate this might (temporary) be increased.

Server 1:
Public query IP/port:
Direct connect:
Server name: | Pet zombies | Normal

Server 2:
Public query IP/port:
Direct connect:
Server name: | Zombie zoo | Hard

Server 3:
Public query IP/port:
Direct connect:
Server name: | Zombies on acid | Suicidal

Server 4:
Public query IP/port:
Direct connect:
Server name: | The last people alive | Hell On Earth
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