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SpA nostalgia collection request

Hello everyone!

For a long-term future project we are looking for any and all data that people might possibly still have in regards to our SpecialAttack community. We are literally looking for anything that people might still have, screenshots, videos, photos. server files, configurations, maps, events, personal stories and all other things you may be able to think of. Please have a look at your old accounts, backups, and every dusty corner of your brain. This project is in no rush whatsoever, so please keep this announcement in mind if you run into anything along your ways. Anything you have can be submitted to the nostalgia-data channel on our Discord server. If you have stuff to share that doesn’t fit in there such as server files, videos and other data please contact us and we’ll arrange for a place to upload them. Around April/May we’ll publish details for a place you can upload it without having to get in touch with anyone. During this year we’ll send out another few calls for data, along as requests for assistance on reconstructing different phases of the community based on the data we were able to salvage.

Thanks in advance!

News bits

Sometimes you have nothing to report for years, and sometimes you have multiple news posts within the space of a month!

First off, welcome to our newest members Edeph and Emufarmers! Long overdue, finally officially part of our cult community.

After the server move and software updates much of our old stuff was broken. We've now done some much required maintenance and fixing of stuff around the place. The forums are back in working order with the proper theme it used to have, and most of its features are fixed. The mumble server authentication is once again working. IRC bots and bridges were fixed, and even the website is seeing some changes!

Good news all around, cake for everyone! See you at Discord.

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SpA Minecraft Freebuild is back, sort of.

A good samaritan by the name of 123DMWM has taken it upon himself to host a bit of Specialattack history in the form of our old Minecraft Freebuild server. Community player Venk got in touch with us and asked for a copy of our old Minecraft files, which we happily provided. He in turn got in touch with 123DMWM to get the server back online.

After registering an account on Classicube, you can navigate to their server list and find the server by the name '! ! Freebuild'. You can play either through your browser or by downloading their client.

If you want to have your account verified, please make some noise in discord.

Thanks go out to 123DMWM and Venk for getting this show on the road and hosting this bit of Specialattack history!

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Random update

Hi everyone,

Here is a totally random update. A rarity these days if you will. As known, you can primarily find us at Discord now. You can join us by following this link.

We're currently busy migrating our servers. As there is no need anymore to keep dedicated servers around for hosting we decided to cancel our services with Leaseweb and move over to a new VPS based host. If for some reason you use an IP address to connect to our services, this now has changed to If anyone has anything onĀ  one of the machines that requires backing up, you have till 31-03-2020 to tell us to do so. After that date all data, if not migrated, will be permanently wiped.

Also, our 14th birthday is coming up on the 27/28th of next month, but as we'll probably forget posting about it anyway; Congratulations to us! ;)

P.s. As you can probably notice, due to migrating and updating all the software we're losing compatibility left 'n right on our templates and such. As we'd like to keep the data available we've chosen to go with default looks for our forum archives for example. You'll get used to it. We have faith!

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New SpA server

Coming weekend (01/02/03-10-2018) we'll be migrating our machines to a new host. The current two co-located machines will be taken from the datacenter and be replaced by one shiny new machine.

We'll be updating all DNS records over the weekend. If you happen to use our IP address to connect to one of our services, please update this from to

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SpecialAttack 12 years old!

Happy birthday to us!

Today exactly 12 years ago around 14:04 we've registered this domain,, marking the official start of our community. Today we're still around, be it a bit older, playing games and having fun with everyone in and around this great community!

Join us at Discord for cake and drinks!

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New website!?!

Please hold on to your seats and try not to fall, SpecialAttack finally has a new website!

For as long as we can remember we've been working on a replacement for our old Drupal based website. We've tried (and failed) several times. Now, finally, after all those years, a new website is up!

If you wonder why the website is so empty, we didn't really plan on going live so soon after our last revival attempt on getting a new website up. Reality however pushed us into taking our old website offline as a critical security bug has been discovered in the Drupal system. Because of many edits and quick 'n dirty hacks into the code it's nearly impossible to properly update the old website, hence the choice to go live with this one, even though it's rather empty and far from being completed.

Our team is working hard on styling the new layout, porting over content where possible or required, creating new hooks to existing systems, etc. You can expect many small updates to follow in the next few weeks.

If you have any suggestion, technical or design knowledge and would like to help out, don't hesitate to contact Junco!

Keep an eye on this place as we 'soon' (It's SpA time after all) have more exciting news to share!

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