SpA Minecraft Freebuild is back, sort of.

A good samaritan by the name of 123DMWM has taken it upon himself to host a bit of Specialattack history in the form of our old Minecraft Freebuild server.  Community player Venk got in touch with us and asked for a copy of our old Minecraft files, which we happily provided. He in turn got in touch with 123DMWM to get the server back online.

After registering an account on Classicube, you can navigate to their server list and find the server by the name ‘! ! Freebuild’. You can play either through your browser or by downloading their client.

If you want to have your account verified, please make some noise in discord.

Thanks go out to 123DMWM and Venk for getting this show on the road and hosting this bit of Specialattack history!

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