Random update

Hi everyone,

Here is a totally random update. A rarity these days if you will. As known, you can primarily find us at Discord now. You can join us by following this link.

We’re currently busy migrating our servers. As there is no need anymore to keep dedicated servers around for hosting we decided to cancel our services with Leaseweb and move over to a new VPS based host. If for some reason you use an IP address to connect to our services, this now has changed to If anyone has anything on  one of the machines that requires backing up, you have till 31-03-2020 to tell us to do so. After that date all data, if not migrated, will be permanently wiped.

Also, our 14th birthday is coming up on the 27/28th of next month, but as we’ll probably forget posting about it anyway; Congratulations to us! 😉

P.s. As you can probably notice, due to migrating and updating all the software we’re losing compatibility left ‘n right on our templates and such. As we’d like to keep the data available we’ve chosen to go with default looks for our forum archives for example. You’ll get used to it. We have faith!

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