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Garry's mod

The gmod server was started in early 2014.

The server currently has these modes:

  • Trouble in Terrorist Town
  • Prophunt
  • Murder
  • Pirateship wars
  • Hide and Seek
  • Sandbox
  • Sledbuild

plus a few more. Where the far most popular one is "Trouble in Terrorist Town" or TTT for short. In TTT, everyone is a Terrorist, where some get selected as detective or traitor with the rest being innocent. The traitors goal is to kill off everyone, while trying to remain incognito and not be killed. While the innocent have to try and find/kill the traitors. But who could it be when everyone has access to guns and friendly fire is on! Don't you think that the guy next to you, pointing his gun at you is a bit suspicious? Or the guy far away on top of that tower with a sniper rifle? Besides the distrust happening in TTT, there are other fun modes, like trying to blend in to your surroundings as a prop in "prop hunt" or trying to sink the enemys ship with cannons in "Pirateship wars".

You can find more information right here. Garry's mod