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It is time for pain and pure adrenaline

*scraping throat*


We have been busy! Summer has passed, another AWESOME SpA meetup has taken place and by now we're all slowly recovering. 

It's time for winter. It's time for PAIN and adrenaline!

As most of you know, the new Unreal Tournament 4 is coming up. Currently in it's pre-alpha stage but perfectly playable!

We have launched our first server, reachable at We currently don't have much information available, but we'll post some more news when we do.

The current server is a oldskool deathmatch server. We'll be introducing capture the flag soon.

As the game is currently in development we do not know yet what other servers we will launch. Whenever a new gamemode becomes available we'll throw online extra servers and inform you on it right here.

See you ingame and enjoy this awesome oldskool adrenaline rush :-)

P.s. The game is entirely free! Go and download it at