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Red Orchestra 2: Rising storm

Currently we host 2 Red Orchestra 2: Rising storm servers. All servers also serve the maps from RO2: Heroes of Stalingrad. You can find the server details below.

All of the servers are configured with "realism mode". The first of the servers is our "Territory mode" servers. The second of our servers in the list is a Rising storm "campaign mode" server.

We are currently looking for players who want to help administrate the servers. Interested? Please throw us a message at our forums.

Got any questions, feedback or suggestions? Please let us know in the RO2 subsection of the forums.

Server rules

We generally do not like to enforce any rules upon our players. However, a few simple and clearly obvious rules apply to our servers.
  • No cheating
  • No bug exploiting of any kind
  • Be gentle, forgive teamkills that happen by accident and where the player in question apologizes
  • Although we aren't a Christian organization for under aged kids, we do appreciate it if you keep the swearing, name calling and cheat accusations to yourself as much as possible
  • Need an admin? Come to our IRC chat and ask for support!
  • Enjoy your game! SpecialAttack Operation Overlord - Realism SpecialAttack Operation Market Garden - Realism