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TF2 Servers

We're currently running several TF2 servers located in our Amsterdam decenter. You can view the details below. 

Player Stats

All of our servers gather player statistics. We're using HLstatsX:CE.

Our custom banning system allows us to prevent cheaters and lamers from playing on any of our servers through a common banlist. To see who is banned for how long, you can visit our banlist. If you want to dispute a ban, please contact SaintK. SpecialAttack takes pride in being a community where fun and cooperation are celebrated. We don't accept any behaviour that might negatively affect other people's possibilities to have a good game on our servers. If you want to know more about this, read 'how to behave on our servers'.

Man versus Machine servers

All our MvM servers run on a vanilla configuration. :: Machines, they're after us! :: MvM :: -=TiTi=- :: MvM :: Fluffy pink rabbit :: MvM

BBall2 servers

On our BBall2 servers we run a few plugins to manage the gameplay, such as a classlimiter to ensure only the demoman and soldier classes can be played. :: Pain Train :: bball2 :: The rocket launcher :: bball2

Normal server

We still run one normal server, however, due to a lot of changes from VALVe's side negatively influencing community based server hosting, it's not being used much anymore. For old times sake, it's still up and running and we sometimes organise a TF2 evening on it. #1 Dell Conagher

No ctriz server

After the changes made to the Quickplay system we've decided to bring back the No Critz server. #2 No Crits