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SpecialAttack 9 years old!

Today 9 years ago we registered We keep this as our official birthday. Somewhere in the days/night leading up to the 28th of April we decided on the name and registered it. It is well possible this was on the 27th but in all honesty we were all to wasted to remember. The domain's whois records say we've registered on the 28th, so now that's our birthday!

Next year we're planning on a bigger celebration. This year you'll have to buy your own cake and beer!

Congratulations to us and thanks to everyone making us possible the last 9 years!


Killing Floor 2 - Early access servers

In a few hours time KF2 will launch. By request of Tripwire we have launched as many servers as possible. This means we currently have 4 servers up and ready for the party. Depending on the load which they will generate this might (temporary) be increased.

Server 1:
Public query IP/port:
Direct connect:
Server name: | Pet zombies | Normal

Server 2:
Public query IP/port:
Direct connect:
Server name: | Zombie zoo | Hard

Server 3:
Public query IP/port:
Direct connect:
Server name: | Zombies on acid | Suicidal

Server 4:
Public query IP/port:
Direct connect:
Server name: | The last people alive | Hell On Earth

Killing floor 2 Beta server (2)

As prommised, more servers. | Pet zombies (Manual connection port 8000) | Zombie zoo (Manual connection port 8002)

The first server currently has a default difficulty. The second server has a harder difficulty configured.

As soon as the game enters the early-access stages the servers will migrate along with it. Depending on the server usage we might be launching a couple more.

Killing floor 2 Beta server

We'll be fully supporting the upcoming release of the game "Killing floor 2" with several servers! Currently Killing floor 2 has entered the beta stages and is available for a small audience.

For those who were lucky enough to obtain a beta key, we have good news for you, KF2 servers!

We currently have 1 server available, however, we will be putting more online. As soon as others become available we shall update you right here.

You can find the server on IP (for manual connect use port 8000).


Highlander time!

Another TF2 highlander match is coming up on Sunday the 12th of April.

Sign up for this match on our forums and join the fun!

MINECRAFT EVENT: Race to the Moon


Since we have not had UHC in ages, we have decided to do more than just common UHC. This time we are going to plant a flag on the moon! And no, we are not going to do it like in the 60s with a fake camera and fake moon. This time we are going to the REAL moon!

We are going modded.










Don't worry, we made the pack very light - it includes only GalactiCraft (for the Moon dimension), utility mods (Not Enough Items, AppleCore) and fancy mod (Tails), it runs on 1GB RAM just fine. Anybody can join!

Are you not familiar with modded Minecraft? That's fine, we will be assigning team captains from people that have played modded Minecraft long enough and assign the rest of the people to join them - we will be playing on 2 or 3 or maybe even 4 teams, depending on how many people will join. The more the better!

When? April 11th - Saturday. 
What time? For Europeans - evening (19:00, 20:00, 21:00), for Americans - afternoon (12:00, 13:00), for Australians morning (6:00, 7:00)

Forum topic:

How do I join? When the launch will be getting closer we will ask you to send us your Minecraft username to give you access to the modpack on 

TF2 MannPower mode Sunday 25th 20:00 CET

So we've currently got the new beta gamemode that VALVe's released setup on one of the servers. It's kind of wacky and probably not super balanced yet, but you can pick up power ups and you spawn with a grappling hook, so it's pretty fun.


There's only two maps currently, so it will probably only be for an hour or so. Leave something in this thread and we'll message when the time comes. See you Sunday 20:00 CET as usual!

Stay tuned.....

Red Orchestra 2: Rising storm server issues - update

We're currently experiencing issues with the stability of our RO2:RS servers.

Tripwire has released an update last Saturday to address a security issue on the servers. Unfortunately this update broke our RS servers. We're working together with Tripwire to get this fixed ASAP.

Until the fix has been released the servers will have to remain down (otherwise they'll crash every few minutes).

Update: Tripwire has released an update to address the crashes. Servers are back online!

Minecraft Christmas

This year for the holidays we have added a special christmas adventure to our Minecraft server!

From now till new years, you can build a portal to the christmas dimension where you can collect presents and complete a quest to kill the Grinch.

Heres how to make the portal.










To get yourself a Grinch spawn egg, you need to collect Christmas essence from the inside of Christmas trees. You can store this essence by talking to a banker (Skeletons in christmas outfits). Once you have 12 essence you can buy the egg from a merchant (Zombie in a christmas outfit).

Registered players can also get a free balloon by typing /balloon gui and picking one. You can turn them back off by typing /balloon off.

In other news;

mcMMO has been added to the server. It is ready to go however we will be tweaking the exp rate as it is currently a little unbalanced.

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