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TF2 server technical issues

Over the past weeks, we've experienced some technical issues with our TF2 servers, mainly lag issues. We have come to the conclusion that the servers are definately up for the job and that the problem lies elsewhere. The main problem has been memory leaks caused by VALVe. VALVe is aware of the problem and tried to hotfix it, which caused even more memory leak.Furthermore, some of the VALVe updates has caused some quite funny bugs, such as mass-homocide in the spawn, disappearing menus, freezes and server crashes. We hope that the issue will be addressed soon.

Specialattack on Steam community!

We would like to remind everyone of our public steam community group. We would like all regular players to show their support for us, by joining the group. As an attempt to keep the community informed of what is going on in SpA, lacop has worked out a module for our website that allows us to automatically forward all news items, posted here, to our steam community group.

New guide released

Finally it's here; the long anticipated guide on How to put live server stats on your chalkboard MOTD is here. We would all like to thank our member lacop for putting the time into research on how to make the MOTD and also for writing the guide!

Specialattack goes overseas

We are happy to announce that Specialattack has started our first server in America. The server; SpecialAttack USA #1 [TF2 - All maps] will run a test period of a couple of months, after which the SpA management will decide on whether to keep it or not. We hope that the server will be a success and expand our community beyond Europe.

New Members, motd and guide - SpA update week 26!

Another week passed by and yet again we have the honour to welcome new members to the SpA Team. A big congratulations is in order to the following members: [SpA]cookye [SpA]Nutty82uk [SpA]Jedilardmaster [SpA]Dr. Brinkman [SpA]Mr.Orange [SpA]9mmNL [SpA]Vögelchen

General SpA update, June 22nd.

It has been a week since last update and what an eventful week it has been.

New maps for SpA points and updated pricelist

We've added ctf_turbine_v3 and cp_castle4 to our list of maps available through our SpA points system. We've also lowered our prices for this feature, so it will now cost you 30 points for a custom map and 20 points to set a standard map as the next map. To read more about how the SpA points system works and see the full price list, visit our how-to.

Chalkboard style MOTD and available positions

We are happy to announce that demm has made a quick guide as to how to make a chalkboard style message of the day for the ingame browser in Team Fortress 2. The guide will teach you how to make simple HTML pages with a background that seemlessly fades into the blackboard already at the front page. If the demand is high, we might also add a guide on how to put live server stats in the MOTD. The new MOTD was started by demm, designed and coded by Spikespiegel and updated with live server stats by lacop.

Website launched

We are happy to announce that Specialattack has launched it's new website. Through this, it will be easier for us to reach out to the community, aswell as it is easier for the community to keep informed with what is happening inside SpA. The website is however only temporary until we finish the site that has been underway for two years now. In the near future, we hope to get the website login linked with the forum useraccounts, so that people can login once, to log on both places. When that is done, the Spashop and banlist will be moved to the website.
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