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SSL fixes

After our conversion to HTTPS only we suffered from some bugs which now have been fixed by our techteam.

  • Fixed forum registration not working (captcha wouldn't show)
  • Fixed user avatars not loading
  • Fixed attachments not loading
  • Fixed embedded youtube clips not loading
  • Fixed SSL warning on the forum for external steam content (now cached locally)
  • Fixed all other content on the websites to load https versions instead of http
Unrelated to the HTTPS conversion, but fixed nevertheless:
  • SpA points activation page not loading correctly now fully secured by SSL

We've implemented SSL across all our website and services where possible.

From now on you should automatically get redirected to the HTTPS version of all the specialattack related websites such as the front page, forums, etc.

In addition to this change we've also replaced the SSL certificates of our mail server, mumble server and VPN gateway.

By implementing SSL security you can now safely browse our websites and use our services on public networks without being afraid that your data such as your login credentials can be sniffed by an unwanted attacker.

If you notice any content stopped working, please report this to us and we will fixed it as soon as possible.

Highlander time!

Another TF2 highlander match is coming up for Sunday the 31st of September August.

Sign up for this match on our forums and join the fun!

Sourcemod updated

We've updated Sourcemod on our TF2 and FoF servers to the latest available snapshot in order to fix the mess VALVe created with their new STEAMID format.

This update also introduces official support to FoF.

Redecorating a few servers - part 3

Virtual server "MrBrown" has succesfully been migrated to hardware platform "MrWhite". The Knights and Merchants server is back online.

Redecorating a few servers - part 2

MrBlue has been moved sucessfully to the other machine. All servers are back up and running!

To make some space on hardware platform "MrBlonde", we've decided to shut down 2 of our Red Orchestra servers. Operation Detatchment and Operation Barbarossa will no longer be operational....

Today we continue swapping VM's. MrBrown will be moved to hardware platform MrWhite. Due to this our Knights and Merchants server will be temporary down, it should be back online in a few hours.

Redecorating a few servers

We're currently in the process of moving over our virtual machine "MrBlue" from hardware platform "MrWhite" to hardware platform "MrBlonde".

Due to this move there will be an estimated downtime of a few hours for our TF2, FoF and Gmod gameservers.

After the move the servers will be available again at their usual IP's, so there's no need to update your favorites. As a result of this move the named gameservers should have an increased performance.

Mongodorongo and Skeletonmatt create Eco-tower on SMP

Two of our players have recently finished building the "Eco-tower" from "anno 2070" on our SMP minecraft server.

Mongodorongo and Skeletonmatt have created a video showcase of their impressive work which can be viewed on youtube.

If you want to visit the actual building ingame then headover to our SMP server for a bit of awesomeness (use "/warp ecotower" to get teleported to the tower)!

TF2 community highlander

It is time for another TF2 community highlander match! The match will be played on Sunday the 27th at 20:00 CET.

Anyone can join in for the fun, however, you do need to register yourself in this topic.

Have fun!

New mapcycle RO2 servers

After receiving feedback from "El Presidente" about the current mapvoting system on the RO2 servers we have decided to disable mapvoting and enable a static mapcycle. This way we prevent that the same maps keep being played over and over again because they keep being voted on. A static cycle should cause some more variety.

El Presidente has compiled a mapcycle (special thanks for that!) which mixes both the RO2 and RS maps and play's them in historical order. 

Below you can find the entire new cycle.

  • RSTE-OtoriShima_MCP 
  • TE-GumrakStation_MCP
  • TE-Spartanovka 
  • RSTE-GuadalCanal
  • TE-Barracks 
  • TE-Station 
  • RSTE-Betio
  • TE-GrainElevator 
  • TE-PavlovsHouse
  • RSTE-Kwajalein 
  • TE-Apartments 
  • TE-Coldsteel_MCP
  • RSTE-MaggotHill 
  • TE-CommissarsHouse 
  • TE-Stalingradkessel_MCP
  • RSTE-Saipan 
  • TE-Gumrak
  • TE-RedOctoberFactory 
  • RSTE-Hanto
  • TE-Bridges_of_Druzhina_MCP
  • TE-Winterwald_MCP
  • RSTE-Peleliu
  • TE-MyshkovaRiver_MCP
  • TE-Mamayev
  • RSTE-IwoJima 
  • TE-FallenFighters 
  • TE-Arad2_MCP
  • RSTE-PhosphatePlant_MCP
  • TE-Barashka 
  • TE-Rakowice_MCP

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