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A few updates

A summery of a few updates we've applied.

  • Fixed cases of the SSL Heartbleed bug on several servers
  • Fixed a case where the RO2 graphs would receive out-of-bound values causing the graps to build incorrectly
  • Applied some minor fixed to the RO2 configs after the initial rebuild

Red Orchestra 2 updated

Tripwire has released a rather large update to their game Red Orchestra 2 / Rising storm.

After applying the named update we noticed that RO2 was so kind to reset all our configs back to it's default values. Needless to say it took us some sweet time to rebuild everything.

We think we have them running correctly now again... If you notice any issues, please contact us!

One of the things in the new update is a new game mode called "Search and destroy". For the time being we've changed one of the servers to this new SD mode. We'll be monitoring how this play's out and might make some changes in the near future. For now, this is the current setup.

  • Operation Overlord - All maps TE/RSTE / non-campaign
  • Operation Barbarossa - All maps TE/RSTE / non-campaign
  • Operation Detachment - S&D only / non-campaign
  • Operation Market Garden - Campaign

TF2 community Highlander match (free for all)

Are you ready for another edition of TF2 Community Highlander? We sure are!

Join us for the latest edition at Sunday the 6th of April around 20:00 CET.

For the people who do not know what a TF2 Highlander match is;

  • A TF2 highlander match is a game between 2 teams where in each team you have 9 players, one for each class. We'll play a few maps mostly which are decided when we are playing the match (user input).

Want to sign up? Go to our forums and post a message along with your preferred class.

Feed The Beast - Modded Minecraft

It’s back and better than ever!! We are currently running a new feed The Beast server fresh with a new map and new mods. We are planning to have community events to help bring people together such as PVP arena battles, Enderdragon fights and other Boss Fights. These will be announced on the forums, so stay tunned.

We are running the DireWolf20 Pack, Version 1.0.18. It can be found on the FTB Launcher. You can download the launcher at

The server IP is:
If this does not work for you, or you have trouble connecting try using

SpA Minecraft UHC Victors!

Congrats to the winners of our season 8 UHC, Arbogeddon and [SpA]heldplayer!! Both of them get to pick up a steam game from our prize pool.

Honourable mentions to Frankwj1 and GreatBuilder3 for being the second last team to stand! Good game guys! Arbo was officially the last to stand, heldplayer died whilst fighting the last 2 remaining enemies.

If you enjoyed this season or want to play in a UHC come let us know on the forums, if there is enough interest we can host another tournament in the near future.

Garry's mod server updates

Here's some more Garry's mod server updates:

  • Added a few more ttt maps server
    • ttt_thething_b4fix
    • ttt_cloverfield_b4
    • ttt_underside_a1
    • ttt_utility
  • Added a few maps to the ingame fastdownload server and removed those maps from the workshop
  • Removed unused addons from the server
  • Removed ttt_theship_v1

More info on our forums.

SpecialAttack Battlefield 4 platoon

A bunch of us at SpecialAttack enjoy playing Battlefield 4. Today Dice introduced the platoons feature known from previous Battlefield games into Battlefield 4.

We play Battlefield 4 the way it's intended to be played, like most of our other games.  We do proper squad play with decent squad leaders giving out orders, following objectives, playing as a team, etc. This sounds a tad boring, but we can ensure you it's not. We have tons of fun playing this game while being together on the comm's in our Mumble server. We aren't point whoring, or doing stuff such as camping just to gain points. We are more running around like headless chickens somehow still being organized and scoring a ton of points. All that with the surprising result that we mostly end up being the top of our team.

Does this sound appealing to you? Then don't hesitate to join our newly formed platoon and gang up with us for our not so regular gaming sessions.

See you at the battlefield!

SpA Minecraft UHC Season 8!

Its that time again everyone. Our UHC (Ultra HardCore) tournament is back, and this time its better than ever!

What is UHC?
UHC is a gamemode made popular by the mindcrack community. It consists of players being randomly spawned around a large map leaving them to survive and battle it out to determine the winner. Everything is against you here, as your health does not regen naturally. The only way you can achieve this is by eating golden apples or drinking regeneration potions.

You can read more about it HERE (Includes Rules, Past game information, etc.)

Season 8 will be played in random pairs or small teams based on the number of people that sign up.

Signing up

You can sign up by replying to this thread.

When is it?

19:00:00 (7pm) Saturday March 1, 2014 GMT

Here is a countdown to it aswell.

Minecraft Updates

We have recently updated our minecraft server. Here's the list of changes (Some were done a while ago but never announced):

  • Players can now ride their bat pets
  • Spawners can be collected using an item enchanted with silk touch 
  • Switched permissions system to a custom one written by heldplayer
  • Warp Scrolls are now cheaper, only costing the player $250

Additionally we have finally setup a player market. It can be found on the path between Cheawich (Spawn) and Cawold. Shops can be rented by clicking on the [Rent] sign above the tent. It will cost you $500 every 7 days and it will automatically renew.

Twitter & Steamgroup announcements

We have connected our steamgroups to our Twitter account. Want to be kept informed on our play sessions for our variouse games? Then follow us at our Twitter account and receive automatic notifications!

Current groups that announce to twitter:

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