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Garry's mod server updates

Here are the latest updates and changes to our Garry's mod server
  • Added maps to fastdl
  • Added slender man mod
  • Added sandbox maps for possible building competition
  • Readded jihad bomb
  • Removed maps from workshop that now exists on fastdl
  • Removed unused addon files to free up space
  • Removed tf2-maps to free up space
  • .

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a winner!

Last weekend the TF2 ultiduo cup was played and we’re happy to announce we’ve got a winning team!

Congratulations to Checkulatius and mttriplem for finishing in first place! Both winners will receive one of the available games.

With the TF2 tournament finished we are now looking ahead towards the next tournament hosted by SpecialAttack. Stay tuned for a new season of Minecraft UHC!

TF2 changes and updates

We had a blast last night playing on the no crits server. However we did notice some issues that needed our attention.

We experienced some crashes early in the game and throughout the night some performance issues. During the evening we seem to have been able to fix the crashes, but the performance dropped every now and then (server fps would drop from 66-tick to 5-tick for a few seconds). We're not entirely sure if this is the machine that is at fault. We see other server operators complain about similar issues, but we've tried to do something about it anyway.


  • Updated Sourcemod (stability fix)
  • Removed a lot of old plugins (stability/performance fix)
  • Removed SpA points for the time being  (stability/performance fix)
  • Relaxed the AFK kicker a bit (kick time is now 5 minutes)  
  • Changed the mapcycle time on empty servers from once every 5 minutes to once in 12 hours to prevent unnecessary load .This mechanism is used to trigger automatic server updates (performance fix)
  • Tweaked VMware to give MrBlue (TF2 servers) higher priority over other servers (performance fix)



Weekly TF2!

Come and join us every Thursday at 8pm CET for some crocket free tf2! If all goes well, after Ultiduo finishes we'll be playing on Sundays too!

You can find us on one of the public servers; #1 Vanilla | Map voting #2 No crits | Map voting

Ultiduo signs ups are ending soon, so hurry up!

Website updates (the oops edition)

It appears we kind off forgot to add one of our games to the website.... *oops*

And a couple of changes to the TF2 page:
  • Added total players count graph
  • Added the No critz server information


Something old, something new, TF2 no critz is back!

Do you remember.... Do you remember those times?

Do you remember... When there were no critz and random death?

Do you remember...

Well, we certainly do!

For a long, long time the no critz server was doomed. VALVe introduced their Quickplay system which basically ruined a lot in terms of server hosting. People wouldn't try out random servers picked from a list anymore. No critz and things like that didn't qualify for the Quickplay system, so the server slowly died.

Last week however VALVe announced a change to the quickplay system. Clients can now opt-in for servers with custom settings, which places no critz back on the map.

Therefore, without further ado, we present to you.... " #2 No Crits" !

You can find the server at IP

We hope to welcome you back at the less random battlefield of TF2 madness!

Reminder: Just a few days left to sign up for our second TF2 Ultiduo cup!


Soldier + Med vs. Soldier + Med in a tight custom KotH map with fast respawns. The first cup was great fun and it's high time we did it again!


Saturday 15th + Sunday 16th of February. Starting at around 7pm SpA time (6pm UK).

We'll use the Events server and maybe an extra server like we did for the last cup.


5 teams or less = Round Robin (everyone plays everyone once); more than 5 teams = single or double elimination tournament, depending on how many people sign up.

For now there's no strict schedule - just turn up as close to 7pm as you can and we'll start playing games. Server priority should be given to the teams that have played the fewest games, otherwise it'll be first come first served or just in whatever order makes the most sense at the time. Everyone will have periods where they'll need to wait around, but the matches are only about 5-10 minutes long so it shouldn't be too bad.

Best of 3 rounds for each game.


Medic - Blutsauger, Crossbow, Ubersaw
Soldier - Escape Plan, Equalizer, Disciplinary Action
Both - reskins of vanilla weapons (e.g Frying Pan, The Original etc)

Just keeping it pretty standard and classic. Using fancy unlocks isn't the point of ultiduo anywa.


Yep! We've got some copies of Red Orchestra 2 RS and Epigenesis to give away. How many we'll be giving out will depend on how many teams sign up, so I'll announce that at the start of the tournament.

Click here for more info and sign-up's.

Website updates (5)

As you can read below we've worked last couple of days on updating the website and the forums. For now we think we have most things ready. We'll leave you with one final update before we continue focussing on other aspects again.

  • Updated website CMS (Drupal) to the latest available release
  • Applied several security improvements to the website CMS
If you noticed we've missed something or you want something looked at, don't hessitate to throw us a message!

Website updates (4)

More updates!

  • Fixed the server status page displaying incorrect information about the MrWhite VMware host
  • Removed the "uptime" value from the mumble graph to improve the graph scale
  • Added quicklinks to all hosted games in the top banner
  • Sync'ed the forum header with the frontpage header
  • Added a "Knights and Merchants" information page
  • Updated the "Contact Us" page


Website updates (3)

In part 3 of the website update series we've cleaned up and re-organized the forum a bit.
  • Brought the Minecraft subforums to the forum frontpage
  • Merged old Minecraft general chat with the main general chat forum
  • Merged Minecraft Gallery forum into Minecraft general chat (SMP) forum
  • Archived old Minecraft forums
  • Archived TF2 SpA|com team forum
  • Archived old events forum
  • Archived Leage of Legends forum
  • Archived SpA Film Productions forum
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