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Website updates (2)

Here is the second part of the website updates:

  • Updated Piwik website usage tracking software
  • Fixed NTP on most servers, this can cause some gaps in the displayed server graphs
  • Added TF2 servers & graphs to the TF2 overview page
  • Removed TF2 banlist from the top header
  • Removed TF2 Guides and How-to's from the top header
  • Disabled TF2 based spapoints / spashop implementation (stay tuned for other news regarding this)
  • Added menu link to the SMP banlist under Minecraft/Survival Server
  • Removed outdated Left 4 dead server information (no longer hosted)
  • Added Red Orchestra: Rising storm information page 


Website updates (1)

Afer nearly 6 years of no updates on the website we decided to start cleaning it up, fix broken functions and features and start listing correct information about our servers and services.

Part one of the updates:

  • Fixed donations counter
  • Removed old / unused modules
  • Cleaned up TF2 information page (current servers and graphs will be added soon)
  • Updated the server status page with the current hardware and layout
  • Added graphs to the mumble information page
  • Added graphs to the Minecraft information page
  • Fixed graphs for MrGreen not working
  • Fixed graphs for MrBlue not working
  • Cleaned up graphs for MrPink


Gmod: Update, updates & more updates

About a week ago the new gmod server were launched and is currently running with great success. The server is being played quite a bit, with a usual crowd of 8+ people most nights. Most nights involve the gamemode "Trouble in Terrorist Town", where Traitors try to kill of all the innocent while trying to not be caught doing. Which more than often results in hilarious situations of people accusing each other of being the Traitor. A lot of other gamemodes are also played, like the classic prop hunt, where you try to hide from the seekers by disguising as a prop.

Todays update to the server includes a few new mods and some maps needed for those mods. Something to keep in mind is that one them requires TF2 to be installed.

List of updates:

  • Zombie survival
  • Ultimate chimera (With 5 new maps for the gamemodes)
  • The Stalker
  • And 2 more yet to be tested mods.
To play
As the server have updated, you should subscribe to this collection which contains all maps and gamemodes. (You don't have to, but it reduces the need to download stuff and a few others issues that might otherwise occur).
Also some other requirements if you have yet to join one of the awesome nights:
Counter-Strike: source and Team Fortress 2 (You only need the textures, so you can get them in other ways, ask me if you need help on how to get them!)
And to finish it off, here is a sneakpeek on one of the newly added gamemodes:

Minecraft Plugin Contest Voting!

Guys, its now time to cast your vote for the plugin contest. Checkout this post here for details.

MC Plugin Contest

Contest Information:

So basically this contest is for you to post the craziest, grossest, and most hilarious plugins you can find! One winner will be chosen at a random time THIS WEEKEND. So hurry and post your plugins here! The winner will receive 5k in-game money, along with their plugin being added to the server!


  • No minigames.
  • No plugins that we wouldn't allow ingame. This includes racism, sexism, or anything derogatory. 
  • It must be up-to-date.
  • There must be a short explanation to as why your plugin should be added, and how you think it would contribute to the server. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be serious.
You can find more information right here.


Minecraft Survival launch celebration (Bonus Cash and Exp)

Celebrating our launch this week players will earn double exp for MCMMO and bonus cash for killing mobs.


Hurry though as this only lasts till sunday!!

Ultiduo #2

A quick update on the Ultiduo cup. We've pushed ahead the date by a few weeks so it would be easier for people to schedule the event in their agenda's. Also it gives us a little extra time to prep all the servers, SourceTV etc.

The new date is now set at Saturday 15th + Sunday 16th of February. Starting at around 7pm SpA time (6pm UK).

More info here.

Newly Released Map (MC/SMP)

With great pride we present you the latest and greatest of our Minecraft community. Special thanks to our staff for all the hard work!



  • Dynamic Economy
  • Quests
  • Survival Multiplayer
  • Great Staff
  • MCMMO (Skills to train with cool features)
  • Homes
  • Custom Brewing (Alcohol, Coffee)
Visit this link for more information.

Ultiduo #2!


Soldier + Med vs. Soldier + Med in a tight custom KotH map with fast respawns. The first cup was great fun and it's high time we did it again!


Thursday 30th January, possibly moving into Friday/Saturday if we need the extra time. Starting at around 7pm SpA time (6pm UK).

We'll use the Events server and maybe an extra server like we did for the last cup.


5 teams or less = Round Robin (everyone plays everyone once); more than 5 teams = single or double elimination tournament, depending on how many people sign up.

For now there's no strict schedule - just turn up as close to 7pm as you can and we'll start playing games. Server priority should be given to the teams that have played the fewest games, otherwise it'll be first come first served or just in whatever order makes the most sense at the time. Everyone will have periods where they'll need to wait around, but the matches are only about 5-10 minutes long so it shouldn't be too bad.

Best of 3 rounds for each game.


Medic - Blutsauger, Crossbow, Ubersaw
Soldier - Escape Plan, Equalizer, Disciplinary Action
Both - reskins of vanilla weapons (e.g Frying Pan, The Original etc)

Just keeping it pretty standard and classic. Using fancy unlocks isn't the point of ultiduo anywa.


Yep! We've got some copies of Red Orchestra 2 RS and Epigenesis to give away. How many we'll be giving out will depend on how many teams sign up, so I'll announce that at the start of the tournament.

Click here for more info and sign-up's.

Garry's mod server

A bunch of community members started playing Garry's mod, hosted off MrGreen's PC.

A request went out to see if we could host a Gmod server from our machines, which of course we can. :)

So here it is, SpA's Gmod server: Garry's mod

The server is primarely operated by MrGreen and his minion Whiskers.

For questions, suggestions or feedback you can contact either of them.


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