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TF2 Halloween servers up

All halloween maps with voting!

Same map wont play twice in a row though to keep it fresh.

Helltower only server!

This is replacing Dell for now, but I don't intend to keep it running halloween for very long. Wont be able to play much until friday, so enjoy yourselves :18

OpenRA mappack

With courtesy of “Xai”, the host behind the Hetzner servers we now have a script running that pulls all the available maps from and uploads them to our servers. This script runs every 24 hours, so if new maps appear they’ll be available, worst case, the next day.

We’ve packed all the maps together for an easy download for our users. This way you are not required to download and add all the maps one-by-one.

You can download this file right here *click* and you can extract them straight into your “maps” directory (If you accepted the default installation path this should be “C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenRA\mods\ra\maps”).

C&C Red Alert 1, OpenRA

Recently we’ve discovered the remake of the C&C Red Alert 1 game, named “OpenRA”.

Together with a couple of community members we had a ton of fun re-playing this game online with each other.

We learned the hard way that so called “listen servers” tend to crash mid game. Because of this we decided to throw a couple of OpenRA dedicated servers online.

You can find these servers simply by pressing “Join game” and look through the list for servers named “Specialattack.net_1 , _2 and _3”.

Want to join in on some oldskool fun? Download OpenRA right here! You do not require the origional game or anything, it will download all the files for you.

See you on the battlefield commanders, 1996 style.

Downtime announcement (2) - update

In about one hour we'll be taking MrWhite offline for some quick maintenance.

We'll be in the datacenter to remove an old temporary SSD which was used during the earlier migrations.

Estimated downtime is about 15 minutes.

Affected services:

  • Websites (forums, stats etc.)
  • Mumble
  • IRC bouncers
  • TF2 servers
  • KaM servers
Update 16:15
All services are back online.

Downtime announcement - update

We'll be in the datacenter today to peform some maintenance that will require a full shutdown on both machines.

Expected downtime is 30-60 minutes.

Update 18:00

Almost everything is back online. MrGreen (mailserver) and MrPink (Minecraft servers) are still being moved to their new harddrives. We expect them to be online somewhere in the next few hours.

Somewere during this week we'll also be returning to the datacenter to remove an old SSD from the system.

Update 19:30

All services are back online

Forum Updates

Recently we updated our forum software from version 3.0.11 to 3.0.12.This includes many bug fixes and improvements to the software.

From the looks of things our custom addons still seems to work  however if there are any issues please let us know.

A little variety

Tripwire interactive has released quite a large patch for Red Orchestra 2: Rising storm. One of the features of this patch is the introduction of a mode known from RO2: Heroes of Stalingrad, the campaign mode.

We’ve changed our server 3, SpecialAttack Operation Detachment, to run the new RS campaign mode. Additionally we’ve added another 64 slots RO2:RS campaign mode server named “SpecialAttack Operation Market Garden”. You can add this server to your favorites in steam by adding the IP

On the other 2 servers we’ve added a bunch more maps to the voting options. One of the maps is named Betio, which is a brand new map that shipped with this update. The other 6 maps already existed in the game but were not present in the end-of-round mapvote. The mapvote now contains 20 maps to choose from.

Radio Sputnik - Now providing hosting to .

Tune in and enjoy the beats 24/7!

Part seven: Migrating MrWhite (2 of 2)

It took us a few months to find some time again in our busy schedules to continue the migration of MrWhite. Yesterday we finally managed to free up some time and continue to work on the migration.

As our time was limited, or rather, we wanted to do the migration to have MrWhite running off the new SSD and not hold off anymore, we decided to split the work in “must have” and “nice to have”. In the “must have” category was everything that was required to get our services up and running again, such as the databases, websites etc. In the “nice to have” category were things such as the varnish reversed caching proxy, monitoring and some updates left ‘n right.

Besides the Varnish reserved caching proxy and an update for Pikwik website stats tracking we got pretty much all the work done.

MrWhite was completely reinstalled and updated with all the latest Linux packages available. The virtual machine now runs off the SSD we installed a few months back. As you most likely can notice it has improved the website loading times and overall performances by quite a bit.

As we started the migration 2 months ago we had to redo some of the work as it required fresh copies of the database and websites to ensure there was no data loss. We’ve copied over all the relevant data and ran optimization scripts for the MySQL databases.

ZNC was rebuild from scratch. On “old” MrWhite we had version 0.2 running which was very outdated. On the new server we installed version 1.0 which required new configuration files and we couldn’t really be bothered to migrate the old configs to its new standard. All the users who had a ZNC account should have received new details by now. If not, you know who to contact.

We’ve rebuild our backup facilities so we finally have our daily backups again (luckily nothing broke in the last 2 months J). The backup VM has been doubled in capacity so we can now also receive backups from the most important files on the other VM’s we have.

All other services and user accounts were to our knowledge migrated without any noticeable issues. This includes Mumble and HLstatsX.

One of the “nice to have” things on the list was some new monitoring. We’ve added “Munin monitoring” to MrWhite to create us some fancy graphs of the server usage so we can keep an eye on things. You can find these graphs at and in the near future we’ll add them to our “server status” page along with all the other info on the new server setup.

For now we are pretty much done with the massive server overhaul. A few small finishing touches are required such as a trip to the datacenter to move over a harddrive from one server to another so MC will finally have its full diskspace available.

Other minor thing we’ll work on is fine tuning the monitoring, fixing the IRC bot and some other fixes and improvements left ‘n right.

Downtime announcement

Upcoming Sunday, 11th of August, we'll (finally :P) continue working on MrWhite's migration to the new SSD drive/ Virtual machine. As we need to copy over the current website content, databases etc. we'll be shutting down all services on MrWhite for the duration of the work.

Once the website comes back online everything should be running from the new virtual machine.

Affected services:

  • All websites
  • Mumble
  • IRC bouncers / IRC bot
  • MySQL database

Partially affected services:

  • TF2 servers (uses database connection to MrWhite, no spapoints, admin etc. available)

Services *not* affected:

  • Minecraft
  • Red Orchestra 2
  • Knights and Merchants
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